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Mr Frédéric DELEUZE

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My Rates

With the information you already have, we must define the research problem and make sure that we clearly understand your needs and expectations. We can provide you with an estimate. You can freely decide to accept or to refuse.

We bill our services based on the number of hours or days required. My hourly rate is 40$ and my days rate is 300$. The number of hours or days necessary is defined in the quotation, and we never bill more hours or days than expected in the estimate.

This hourly and day rates are avalaible for all the online researches and for the researches in the Gard and Hérault « départements » centers (south of France). For the other on-site research, we’ll bill travel expenses that we expect in the estimate.

When the research will be ended, I will send a report in english, including :

- List of the consulted documents

- Copies of the documents

- A family tree.

Payment is possible through international money wire or with PAYPAL . If you wish for an estimate, thank you for completing the form below, or sending me an email. Thank you!

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